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  • Vzdělání

    1992 - 2000
    Technicaka Univerzita v Liberci - Strojni Inzynerstvi
  • Praxe

    2007 - 2013
    Kenana Engineering & Technical Services
    Management , Technický ředitel/manažer
    Leading the design activities for petrochemical, energy (Boilers and Steam Turbines), water treatment plants and inspection/evaluations of all types of static Equipment and it is components from the initial stage up-to the implementation and commissioning. Defining and executing the complete project plan, contract management, risk analysis, cost benefit analysis, monitoring procedures, and all project management tools up to the stage of handover. Duties and responsibilities: • Managing feasibility, Design, Planning and all activities related to the design projects and their initial stages. • Provide consultancy support to identify risks associated with the definition and procurement of the systems. • Provide conceptual and basic design to generate specifications for the equipment. • Leading the project team in the preparation of the project management plan including but not limit to Cost, Time, Scope, Quality, Resources and Communication Plans. • Provide and manage tender preparation, queries responses, technical and financial evaluation, negotiation with the winning bidders, contact preparation and contract administration. • Provide efficient change control management. • Provide close monitoring for the project execution at the implementation phase to ensure all activities are running according to the scope, time, budget, quality and HSE. • Responsible for supplying the manufacturers and suppliers of the mechanical & electrical instruments with the processes & information. • Responsible for designating course of action for all projects, i.e. procedure, schedules quality of materials, design and planning characteristics in order to prepare all details so as to permit the construction stage, with all aspects considered. • Lead HAZOP sessions to identify critical area’s. • Designing and implementing cost-effective design to help improve safety, reliability and throughput • Ensure HSE regulations are executed effectively. • Discussing and solving complex problems with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients • Using research, analytical, conceptual and planning skills, particularly mathematical modeling and computer-aided design • Preparing design documentation, writing reports and giving presentations • Implement the innovations, trends and assure the quality.
    2006 - 2007
    Sudan University
    Vzdělávání a školství , Vysokoškolský účitel
    Teaching Staff of Mechanical Engineering Subjects
    2005 - 2006
    Gulfparts Distribution FZCO
    Management , Country Director / Manager
    Managing all projects and activities of the company in Sudan, concerning the agriculture & petroleum sector in addition to providing technical and marketing support.
    2001 - 2004
    Kontron Ect
    Strojírenství , Konstruktér ve stavebnictví
    Mechanical Design Engineer / Project Manager Design and Construction of Industrial and Automation Systems as a project manager and mechanical designer for industrial systems, Supporting in Marketing field with customer technical support for adjusting a customized product and to offer better solution according to the standards to fill-full the EMC, Temperature, TUV and Vibration. Developing and modifying of the new products according to the need of the market and the customers applications. Investigate for new methods, new suppliers, and new upgrades of applications.
    2000 - 2001
    Elitex Machinery, Kdyne
    Strojírenství , Konstruktér ve stavebnictví
    Construction and design of twisting machines, Design work of calculations and measurements in area of mechanics, elasticity and rigidity, oscillation and circulation in area as follows: Duties and Responsibilities: • Optimizing methods to determine kinematics quantities relevant to movement of the mechanism-working members. • The rigidity calculations of dynamically exposed machine groups to reach favorable reaction of the material as well as deforming parameters of the mechanism members applying method of finite elements. • Dynamical balancing the plane mechanisms. • Proposals of air distribution incl. picking elements of the air jet weaving machines.
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