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Ing. Alfred N., C.Eng

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  • Vzdělání

    2002 - 2002
    CKAIT - TZB ( Technologické zařízení staveb) Autorizace
    1975 - 1981
    VUT Brno FS - Technologoie
  • Praxe

    1996 - 2013
    STROJ INSPEKT Ing.Alfred Nilius Soukromá firma ICO 48418005
    Strojírenství , Project manager technicky zaměřený
    Vedení staveb a projektů v CR a zahraničí. Vedení kvality,inspence a revize VTZ, práce v oblasti kvality na EPC projektech pro energetiku
    1996 - 2013
    STROJ INSPEKT Ing.Alfred Nilius Soukromá firma ICO 48418005
    Strojírenství , Technický ředitel/manažer ve strojírenství
    Vedení staveb a projektů v CR a zahraničí. Vedení kvality,inspence a revize VTZ, práce v oblasti kvality na EPC projektech pro energetiku . Generally profile: STROJ INSPEKT provides a comprehensive range activities like a Chartered engineer for building technology , include building site and project management and provide project management and coordination in accordance with building law and relevant Public notices . Expert Witness and Inspection Services, Project Management & Technical Consulting Services, Professional Inspection Services activities on the base Certificates and licenses. Service as a Approved Project manager and Site manager in accordance with EU construction civil laws for erection of building technologies and machinery. / C. Eng/. Services as a technical representative of firms at the ranch of foreign projects. QC management, inspection and preparing of the QC documentation and test reports. Audit and audit documentation in accordance with ISO 9001. Project management Planning & Task Allocation: Prepare a schedule of work and provide direction for the preparation of asset integrity improvement programs to ensure that work is completed as per deadline and engineering standards Engineering Studies: Lead analysis of data pertinent to asset integrity related problems, with respect to scope, economic value, long range planning and budgetary considerations in order to support the development and formulate the basis for engineering studies in any of several basic or special engineering fields. Execute studies and analysis as need base or as instructed by Department management Proposal Development and Project Management: Lead proposal development for engineering projects, including scope definition, interrelationship, physical solution definition and cost estimate and supervise project execution to ensure that project is implemented as per plan in terms of asset integrity concerns. In some cases recommend new installations or modifications in order to improve existing facilities and standardization or safety. Special Inspection Programs Management: Prepare, review and improve inspection programs such as ITP inspection and Turnaround plannings etc. so that asset integrity can be secured for the complex. Reporting: As assigned, prepare, review or consolidate root cause analysis or investigation reports or engineering studies in order to support Management decision-making and plant trouble shootings. Coaching: Provide coaching to lower levels inspectors and engineers and supervise their work to ensure proper transfer of skills and work performance as per standards and Inspection plan. . QA and QC manager and Senior Inspector & Inspection Activities Inspection and expert witness services. Inspector and Manager of inspection activities , Inspection and supervision of the technology and mechanical parts by the fabrication, erection, inspection on the suppliers places, shipping inspection, inspection of constructions, machines, pipes systems, valves, mechanical equipment for export and import at the area Foreign Trade. Strong background in Q/C -Quality control and Q/A /assurance/, experience at the field as a field manager, inspector and commissioning manager for start up of technological and production processes. Chartered engineer /C.Eng./ with authorization for Site management and Main building approving process for acting as owner's agent. . Planning, review of design, time scheduler and preparation of specifications, preparing of bidding and contract documents. Consulting with contractors, subcontractors, Enforcement and interpretation of federal and state safety regulations and standards. Risk assessments calculation ,make up manuals for personal and maintenance. Review and interpretation of project drawings, specifications, applicable codes, and maps. / Standards API, ENCSN, and other/ . Preparation of daily, weekly , and monthly field and progress reports, and schedules, excellent reporting., Professional Site and Project coordination and organization. Experts activities . ( Approved and certify Inspector for Pressure vessels and Boilers) Inspector for restricted equipment Pressure vessel, pressure piping , gas equipment include boilers 15 years of practical inspecting experience as a Senior inspector, including managing of installation , pressure vessels, boilers, gas pipeline and gas equipment, ventilations, water systems, boilers include boilers rooms, delivery stations and etc. Oil/ Gas projects and Pipelines etc. Preparing of the Commissioning and periodical inspection include pressure testing and etc. Certificates of conformity in accordance with law 22/1997 Sb and EU regulations. Management of the turbine installation and accessories in turbine hall. References see.CV and detail experiences.
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